Leather Working Tools Terminology

Arch Punch - A tubular tool used for making circular holes in various materials including leather in a range of sizes from 1/2" to 1".

Antique Finish - Leather antiquing is a gel product that you use on leather projects to bring out the all of your details.

Ballpoint Stylus - A tool in leather working used to transfer tracings and patterns on to leather.

Barbed Wire Stamp Kit - A set of leather stamps that create impressions of barbed wire in your leather project.

Basketweave Tool - A classic leather working tool used to create a basketweave impression on leather projects. We have many basketweave tools to choose from.

Belt Punch - A tool that is used to punch holes in leather working projects like belts. Belt punches come in a wide variety of sizes.

Bleeder - A tool used to split saddle strings when braiding. Saddle makers use this tool.

Border Stamp - A leather working tool used to create interesting borders on leather projects.

Bissonnette Edger - A tool used to bevel the edges of leather for a neat finish. The Bissonnette edger can be pushed or pulled.

Burnisher / Slicker - This tool lets you polish the edges of your leather projects to give them a slick finished feel and appearance.

Cantle Pinchers - This tool is used for forming leather around the perimeter of a cantle. They can be used for shaping leather. The jaws are smooth so they don't blemish the leather.

Cantle Pliers - Used in saddlemaking to form leather. The jaws of these pliers have scoring inside to give you strong grip without blemishing your leather.

Chicago Screws - This item is used as a connector. It has a post and screw. Chicago screws are used as fasteners in leather crafting.

Clicker Die - A metal pre-formed shape that allows you to cut leather into that shape by pressing down until the sharp edge cuts through the leather. The Mighty Wonder Hand-Operated Clickers are utilized to make the clicking process simple.

Compound Revolving Punch - This tool makes punching holes in leather easier and more comfortable. The compound action takes the pressure off of the wrist and forearm when punching the holes.

D-ring - A ring in shape of a "D". These d-rings are used in leather working for many purposes and come in metal, plastic and different styles and colors. They are used for handbags, dog collars, belts and more.

Draw Gauge - A hand tool used in leather working to cut leather straps.

Drive Punch - This tool punches an oval shaped hole instead of round for applications like very heavy leather or when using harness and bridle leathers.

Dye Box - A tool used for finishing edges on your leather.

Edge Creaser - This tool lets you crease your leather into folds. You can also create decorative lines on your leather project with this tool.

Edge Finisher - A machine used to apply double edge finishes on leather.

Edger/Edge Beveler - Leather Edger are tools that allow you to trim off the unfinished leather edges of your project making them neat and professional looking.
Check out Working with a Leather Edger video on this leather working tools page.

Emery Cake - Used for cleaning any rusty tools, dubbing sharp edges, and blemishes plus more.

English Point Strap End Punch - Also known as the belt tip punch, this tool is used to cut the tip end of a belt strap. This tool can be used to create interesting special effects on your leather projects.

Eyelets - Used to reinforce holes in leather or other materials. Eyelets provide more leather flexibility when compared to grommets but a grommet is stronger. You can find eyelets in shoes to provide easier lacing.

French Skiver - Sometimes called a French Skiver, this tool lets you skive in hard-to-reach places. You can cut 45-degree angles on your leather edges. Used in several applications like corners, around punched holes and more.

Geometric Stamping Tool - A tool used for stamping leather that provides a unique pattern that is easy to follow. This tool allows you to start in the center of your project and work outward. We carry a large selection of Geometric Stamping Tools.

Grommet Kit - This kit provides you with grommets and the materials needed to add a grommet to your project. All you will need extra is a mallet. 

Hand Dyeing - A process in leather working where you color your leather using quality dyes formulated for that purpose. Oil dye is recommended by our expert Chuck Dorsett. 

Hand Leather Rougher - Used to rough up leather to prepare it for adhesive.

Hand Stitch Groover - A tool that allows you to make a groove along your leather, allowing you to add stitching.

Honing Oil - Used on sharpening stones to make them ready for sharpening.

HotStamps - A metal alphabet that is designed to work with the Versa-Tool® Pyrography Pen.

Hydraulic Bench Pess - Universal press that is designed for clicking, embossing, blind and back pad mold pressing, blind cheek and uptug molding, rope clamp assembly and more.

Lace Strander - A tool used to cut lace, thongs and strips up to 1/2" wide.

Lace Stripper/Lace Cutter - A tool used to cut multiple leather strips at one time. Leather lace strippers are great for making fringe, belt straps, lace strips and more. Check out this page for a video about: Using a Leather Lace Stripper

Lacing Awl - A tool used in leather sewing to get lace or thread through gaps.

Leather Punch - Tools used in leathercrafting to make necessary and decorative holes and cuts in leather projects. There are many types available used for various purposes.

Leather Skiver - A tool to decrease the thickness of leather by cutting the leather in depth therefore reducing the ounce measurement of the leather. 

Leather Splitter - A tool that splits about any thickness of leather down to the desired thickness.

Leather Thickness Gauge - A tool that measures leather thickness. A necessary tool to have close to your splitting machine if you do a lot of leather skiving.

Little Wonder - A multi-purpose tool that sets snaps, rivets, caps, crystals, spots and grommets quickly, easily and professionally.

Malan Chicago Screw Tool - A tool that removes old Chicago screws.

Mallet - A multi-purpose tool used for stamping, tooling, and much more. Mallets come in a variety of styles, materials, weights.

Maul - A tool that is used for many purposes in leather working. Used to stamp, tool, and more.
Check out the Mallets and Mauls video on this page.

Mighty Wonder - A tool that is used to click leather and makes the entire clicking process easier.

Modeling Tool - A tool used for transferring patterns, tracing on leather and many other purposes in leathercrafting.

Multifunction Foot Press - This compact machine sets rivets, spots, snaps, crystals and more boosting your productivity on every project. It performs 14 functions.

Muslin Wheel - A product used to polish hardware and knife blades.

Novolene Chopping Blocks - A block specifically designed for you to lay your leather on for cutting while protecting your tools.

Nylon Cutter - A tool used to cut or punch webbing.

Oblong Punch - A tool used when you are adding a buckle to a strap. Used to cut the elongated hole that allows the buckle to slip through. Also used for various decorative features on leather projects.

Overstitch Marker - This tool is used for making marks to indicate spacing so you achieve even hand stitching.

Pattern Sheet - Usually a plastic sheet used to make patterns for leather and to transfer designs to leather.

Poly Cutting Board - A board used to cut on and punch leather. Poly cutting boards can serve many other purposes.

Polyhead Mallet - This type of mallet used in tooling and stamping. It provides maximum power and minimum bounce.

Poundo Board - This item is a rubber board used for cutting, punching. Also used for absorbing sound.

Power Edge Burnisher or Power Edge Slicker - This machine is used to give your leather a hand rubbed look in a small amount of time. Used for all sides of leather straps, etc.

Pyrography Pen - This tool is for wood burning, leathercrafting, soldering, stamping, paper crafting, hot knife cutting, pattern transferring, embossing, stencil cutting, personalizing and more.

Ram's Foot - A tool used on your stamping tools to help you stamp faster and evenly. It spreads out the stamping pressure.

Rawhide Mallet - A durable tool used in stamping, tooling and more.

Rein Rounder - A tool used for rounding reins, winkers, and other leather goods.

Revolving Punch - Also called a rotary punch. A tool used for punching holes with the ability to have several hole sizes available in one tool. Designed to be easy on your wrist, making punching holes more comfortable.

Rivet Hammer - A tool designed to make setting rivets an easy task. This tool is properly weighted for working with rivets.

Rivet Setter - A tool used to set rivets on leather projects.

Rivets - A metal product used as a fastener in leather working.

Rouge Cake - A product used in leathercrafting to keep your swivel knife sharp. It has many other uses including polishing wood, and precious metals.

Round Edge Beveler - A tool for the experienced leatherworker. Used to cut clean rounded edges easily.

Round Knife - A cutting tool for leather, capable of cutting 10/11 oz. skirting easily.

Round Strap End Punch - A tool used to cut a round end in leather straps, usually for a fold over. This tool can creatively be used to make decorative designs with a little imagination.

Saddle Skirt Edger - A tool designed to edge the sheepskin side of saddle skirts.

Scratch Awl - A sharp-pointed tool used to scribe lines in leather. This tool is also used in woodworking.

Segma Snaps - These snaps are for a wide range of uses including belts, bracelets, purses, crafts and more.

Self-Centering Punch - A machine that performs a variety of punching projects and has a self-centering design that gives you accurate results.

Shoe Hammer - A standard type hammer that is good for making sharp folds, adhering cemented parts together and tapping over hand stitches, lacing and welts.

Skife Knife - A hand tool used for cutting the thickness of leather down thinner (skiving leather).

Slicker/ Burnisher - This tool lets you polish the edges of your leather projects to give them a slick finished feel and appearance.

Space Marker - A tool that lets you mark leather before you stitch. Available in different sizes that give you a various number of stitches per inch.

Stamp Handle - A tool used in conjunction with our Ram's Foot for stamping leather.

Stamp or Stamping - A process used in leathercrafting where you wet the leather and after a period of drying you take a metal stamp and tap it with a tool like a maul or mallet and it creates the impression or design in the leather.

Stamp Sets - Metal tools with designs on the end that are used to create impressions and designs on leather after being hit by a maul or mallet.

Star Stamping Tool - A metal tool with a star design on the tip, used to create impressions and designs on leather.

Steel Square - A measuring device used in leather working to measure and square leather projects. Helpful when used as a guide to cut when using a utility knife.

Stitch Groover - A tool used to put decorative grooves leather projects.

Stitch Measuring Tool - A tool used to figure out how many stitches per inch are on something that is already sewn.

Stitching Chisel - A tool used to put stitch holes in leather for hand sewing.

Stitching Horse - A tool used to hold your leather project while you work on it.

Strap Cutter - A device used to cut leather straps in different widths. Strap cutters are available in several styles.

Strap Edger / Strap Beveler - A tool or machine used to finish edges on leather straps.

Strap Splitter - A tool used to cut/adjust the width of leather straps.

Strop Board - A tool used to sharpen edgers/bevelers.

Swivel Knife - A cutting tool used in leather working to cut patterns and designs into the leather. Your finger rests in the top slot and the knife swivels allowing you to cut curves into the leather.

Tack Hammer - A hammer designed to easily drive tacks.

Tap Off Hammer - A hammer featuring a broad, flat face used to add a pattern or design to a cased piece of leather using a tap off. A tap off is a piece of leather that has a carved design with a waterproof finish. The tap off is placed on your leather and tapped with the hammer. The pattern transfers onto your leather in mirror image fashion.

Tooling Slab - Usually a slab of marble that you use to lay your leather on when you tool and carve it. Check out this video about: Work Surfaces.

Tracing Film - A plastic film that usually has a matte side and a glossy side and used to transfer patterns and designs on to leather.

U-Gouge - A tool with a u-shaped blade that allows you to cut on the backside of leather. The u-shaped cut allows the leather to bend neatly around corners.

Versa-Tool - Sometimes called a pyrography pen. A tool with a hot tip used for burning patterns and designs into leather, wood, and more.

Veiner Stamp - A stamping tool used to enhance designs, make borders and bring depth to leaves.

V-Gouge - A tool used in leather working to make sharp right angle folds on your projects.

Weaver 205 - An industrial strength leather sewing machine. Sews material up to 3/4" thick including leather, nylon webbing, plastic coated webbing, rubber, synthetic material and canvas.

Western Edger - Also called a common edger. A tool used in saddlery and western type applications to trim and finish the edges of a leather project.

Wing Divider - A tool used to gauge circles, make decorative designs and sewing channels in leather.

Wood Burning Tool - A tool with a hot metal tip to burn threads or use on wood burning applications.