Wooden Strap Cutter

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  • Convenient leather strap cutter features an adjustable thickness bar, allowing you to easily adjust cutting thickness for all types of leather
  • Cross bar is marked in inches and centimeters for ease in cutting leather straps up to 4" or 10 cm wide
  • Timesaving leather working tool transforms the chore of cutting leather straps and belts into a more enjoyable process
  • The ability to cut your own leather straps saves you money over purchasing belt blanks while giving you the versatility to select just the right leather for your project
  • Blades are easy to replace for clean, perfect straps with every cut
  • Comes with five blades

Additional Details

The right tool for the job can make all the difference when cutting leather straps. That's where our quality-made leather strap cutter comes in! Giving you the ability to cut straps up to 4" wide and adjust thickness to accommodate a variety of different types of leather, this reliable wooden strap cutting tool is a helpful addition to any leather worker's workbench. This invaluable tool will pay for itself in no time, streamlining your strap cutting process and eliminating the added expense of paying for pre-made belt blanks. One of our top selling tools, this leather strap cutter will earn its place in your workshop.

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Wooden Strap Cutter


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