Just as every masterpiece begins with a crafter’s supplies, Weaver Leather’s world-class company was built from small beginnings. Founded as the Fryburg Shoe Shop in 1973 by Harry A. Weaver, Weaver Leather would eventually grow to become an elite manufacturer of quality leather and nylon products and distributor of supplies for harnessmakers, saddlemakers and a wide range of other craftspeople.

While the original Fryburg Shoe Shop’s primary focus was shoe repair, Harry saw opportunities to expand the business into other markets. The company began manufacturing leather horse halters, which opened the door to sell to area harness and tack shops. With the shift toward manufacturing a variety of leather goods, Harry changed the company’s name to Weaver Leather Goods.

In 1983, the company began distributing leather and hardware under the Weaver Distributing Co. name in response to a growing demand among its customers for raw materials, and the supply division was born. The following year Weaver Leather Goods and Weaver Distributing Co. merged to form Weaver Leather, and the company’s first consignment auction was held. Known as a must-attend event, this annual auction is still bringing people from across the country together today to buy and sell a wide range of machinery, tools, and leather.

As the supply division grew, Weaver Leather produced its first 36-page supply catalog featuring leather, hardware, tools and supplies in 1990. The world-class company now offers one of the best product selections in the business. With leather, hardware, tools, leather care, equipment, sewing machines and more, Weaver Leather is the supplier of choice for both professionals and hobbyists. As a supplier with manufacturing experience, Weaver Leather knows that having the right supplies is essential to the success of any project.

Weaver Leather is pleased to announce the creation of a new division: Weaver Leathercraft. Crafters no longer need a wholesale account to purchase goods online. All items sold under Weaver Leather Supply are now available to end consumers at retail pricing through the convenience of our long-awaited Weaver Leathercraft website. The newly launched website features quality products, valuable tips, easy-to-follow project tutorials and more as a way to support the creative endeavors of our customers. Let Weaver Leathercraft’s superior products and unmatched customer service assist you with your next project.