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Hand Stitching Tools

Hand Stitching Tools

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Showing 1 - 24 of 91 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 91 products
1/8” Flat Chisel Set (4pc)1/8” Flat Chisel Set (4pc)
Stitch GrooverStitch Groover
Hand Stitching KitHand Stitching Kit
Collar Awl, 10"Collar Awl, 10"
Hand Stitching GrooverHand Stitching Groover
Stitching PonyStitching Pony
Scratch Awl with Wooden HandleScratch Awl with Wooden Handle
Lacing Awl, 2-1/2"
Palm Awl Haft, 4-1/8"
Awl Haft
Deluxe Heavy-Duty Awl Haft
Automatic Awl
Quick-Release Wing Divider, 4"Quick-Release Wing Divider, 4"
Wing Divider, 8"Wing Divider, 8"
Hand Sewing PunchHand Sewing Punch
Saddler's Harness Awl 1-1/2", 1.2 mm
Repair Needle Pack
3-Pack Speedy Stitcher® Needles
Saddler's Harness Awl 2-1/2", 1.5 mm
Automatic Awl Curved Needle
Leather Tooling Kit
Sewing Needle, 16 Gauge