Leather Tooling Kit

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  • Beautiful, intricate tooling is the perfect accent to a wide variety of veg tanned leather projects and this kit delivers the perfect selection of tools and supplies to achieve professional results
  • Includes a 14 oz. Polyhead Mallet with an ultra high molecular weight plastic head that provides maximum power with minimum bounce
  • Premium 1-1/2" thick quartz tooling slab measures a generous 12" x 12", maing it perfect for all your tooling and carving projects
  • Two-sided tracing film features a matte side perfect for drawing and a glossy side that stands up to wet leatherwork
  • Comes with our Basic Tooling Set that features a swivel knife, and six high quality stamping tools
  • Also includes a Ballpoint Tracing Stylus for transferring patterns on to damp leather, a Modeling Tool perfect for figure carving and smoothing beveling marks, an 8" Wing Divider for measuring and scoring, and chrome plated geometric and basketweave stamping tools that deliver precise impressions

Additional Details

Take your leather tooling skills to the next level with this kit that's packed with the tools and supplies you need for achieving professional results. Our team really went above and beyond with this set, including a wide range of quality tools, a premium quartz tooling slab and tracing film to give you everything you need for basic to more advanced tooling projects. When you receive this set, you'll feel like a kid in a candy store when you open it and see all the stamping tools, the swivel knife, the wing divider, the modeling tool, the tracing stylus, the polyhead mallet along with the quartz slab and tracing film. Once you check out all these great tools, you'll be pumped to start your next project!


Kit includes:

  • Polyhead Mallet, 14 oz.
  • Quartz Tooling Slab, 12" x 12"
  • Tracing Film
  • Ballpoint Tracing Stylus
  • Modeling Tool, Small/Medium Spoon
  • Wing Divider, 8"
  • Geometric Windmill Stamping Tool
  • Basketweave Stamping Tool, Wide Diagonal Center
  • Basic Tooling Set with a Swivel Knife, and Six Stamping Tools

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Leather Tooling Kit

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