Leather Carving

Joe Meling Introduction to Floral Carving

Joe Meling introduces you to the basic leather tooling set. He suggests a few tools to add to your basic collection to get you started carving leather. You can practice these tooling leather tips on your first or next leather project. Start tooling leather today with Joe Meling as your guide.

Transferring a Pattern

Joe Meling guides you through properly preparing and transferring patterns onto leather in this informative video. From prepping your leather so it successfully takes an imprint to using a ballpoint tracing stylus to easily transfer the pattern, this video offers a wealth of helpful information.

Using a Swivel Knife

In this lesson, Joe guides you through a few practice techniques, how to hold a swivel knife, and tips for proper cutting that will lay a great foundation for your tooling project.

Adding a Bevel to Your Leather Carving

In this video, Joe Meling shows some tips and techniques for adding a smooth, clean bevel to your leather.

Using a Pear Shader

In this video, Joe will be demonstrating the Pear Shader. This tool will help start to bring in definition to the flowers and leaves on the carving. The leather Joe is using in the video is a 4/5 oz. Hermann Oak leather from our Journal Cover kit.