Working with a Stitch Groover

Weaver Leather Craft Supply’s Chuck Dorsett tells you why he uses a STITCH GROOVER (8069) on just about every edge

Mallets and Mauls

Chuck Dorsett prefers to use a mallet for certain leather projects and a maul for others.

Jeremiah Watt Quick Change Edger

Replace five conventional leather edgers with the ease and economy of one QUICK CHANGE EDGER (65-2988) from Weaver Leather Craft Supply.

Working with an Edger

Weaver Leather Craft Supply’s leathercraft product manager Chuck Dorsett shows viewers how to achieve the perfect edge on a leather strap with the MASTER TOOL EDGER (00080).

Working with the Oblong Punch

Weaver Leather Craft Supply’s leathercraft product manager Chuck Dorsett uses the MASTER TOOL OBLONG PUNCH (00072) to add a buckle to a strap.

Working with the Round Strap End Punch

Chuck Dorsett demonstrates several ways to use Weaver Leather Craft Supply’s MASTER TOOL ROUND STRAP END PUNCH (00076).

Belt Punch

Sometimes a revolving punch doesn't have the hole size you need or the hole is far enough in on your project that it won't reach. Watch as Chuck demonstrates the advantages and uses of a round drive punch!

Drive Punch

Oval drive punches are great for punching the adjustment holes on a heavy belt. It allows the strap to sit comfortably in the buckle and makes it easy to buckle and unbuckle the belt. Watch as Chuck demonstrates this handy drive punch.

Working with the Revolving Punch

Chuck Dorsett calls Weaver Leather Craft Supply’s ECONOMY REVOLVING PUNCH (CSO223) the mainstay of every leather shop.

Compound Action Revolving Punch

Watch as Chuck demonstrates how to use the compound action revolving punch to punch holes in leather. The compound action creates less pressure on your hand and less pressure on your forearm allowing for better control.

Working with the English Point Strap End Punch

Cut a perfectly tapered belt end every time with Weaver Leather Craft Supply’s MASTER TOOL ENGLISH POINT STRAP END PUNCH (00078).

Working with the Steel Square

Find out why Chuck Dorsett won’t start a project without Weaver Leather Craft Supply’s STEEL SQUARE.

Leather Skiver

Hand skiving leather is useful when making holsters, belts or leather keepers. Watch as Chuck demonstrates the proper way to use a leather skiver. Although it can be tricky at first, once you get a feel for it you'll be a pro!

Working with the Wooden Strap Cutter

Save money on your projects with Weaver Leather Craft Supply’s WOODEN STRAP CUTTER.

Wing Divider

The WING DIVIDER produces border lines simple, easy, and very visible. Parallel lines are simplified by using a C.S. Osborne Wing Divider. We can make our lines with ease, and we are guaranteed that they are accurate every time.

Using a Leather Lace Stripper

Chuck Dorsett cuts leather fringe with Weaver Leather Craft Supply's LEATHER LACE STRIPPER (65-2966).