Weaver 205 Sewing Machine, Complete with Stand and Servo

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  • The Weaver 205 design is based on the original Adler® 205-370, one of the most popular and reliable industrial sewing machines ever created. Weaver 205 parts are interchangeable with original Adler 205 parts.
  • Extra wide 16" arm and lots of attachments and extras
  • Sews material up to 3/4" thick including leather, nylon webbing, plastic coated webbing, rubber, synthetic material and canvas
  • Features a 1" foot lift
  • Excellent climbing abilities
  • Walking foot helps feed material through machine
  • Triple feed design
  • Single needle, barrel shuttle
  • Will reverse stitch
  • Thread stand holds spools for sewing and for winding a bobbin
  • Bobbin winder winds thread evenly and can be used while sewing
  • Belt guard helps keep hands out of belt
  • Multi-Speed Reducer allows you to choose stitching speed
  • Deluxe Adjustable Sewing Machine Stand has one straight foot pedal shaft that offers more torque at slower speeds for more control
  • Pedal raises presser foot easily
  • Full year limited warranty
  • Have questions? Call us at 1-800-932-8371 and a machinery expert will be happy to assist you.

Ideal for:
Plastic Coated Webbing
Synthetic Material
Pet Products

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