Weaver 205 Sewing Machine, Complete with Stand and Servo Motor

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When you're searching for an industrial sewing machine that sews a variety of materials with ease and precision, the Weaver Leather Supply® 205 Sewing Machine delivers. Sewing up to 3/4" thick leather, nylon webbing, coated webbing, rubber, synthetic materials, canvas and more, this thick material sewing machine is a versatile workhorse for makers with medium to heavy-duty sewing needs. This reliable sewing machine comes equipped with a Multi-Speed Reducer, allowing you to customize your stitching speed to accommodate your projects and work style. With a Deluxe Adjustable Stand and a quality Servo motor, this cylinder arm sewing machine makes a welcome addition to any shop.

  • The Weaver 205 design is based on the original Adler® 205-370, one of the most popular and reliable industrial sewing machines ever created. Weaver 205 parts are interchangeable with original Adler 205 parts
  • Extra wide 16" arm and lots of attachments and extras
  • Sews material up to 3/4" thick including leather, nylon webbing, plastic coated webbing, rubber, synthetic material and canvas
  • This leather industrial sewing machine features a 1" foot lift
  • Excellent climbing abilities
  • Walking foot helps feed material through machine
  • Triple feed design
  • Single needle, barrel shuttle
  • Will reverse stitch
  • Thread stand holds spools for sewing and for winding a bobbin
  • Bobbin winder winds thread evenly and can be used while sewing
  • Belt guard helps keep hands out of belt
  • Multi-Speed Reducer allows you to choose stitching speed
  • Deluxe Adjustable Sewing Machine Stand has one straight foot pedal shaft that offers more torque at slower speeds for more control
  • Pedal raises presser foot easily
  • Full year limited warranty
  • Please note: Thread is not included with this machine and must be purchased separately. We recommend using size 277 thread on the top and size 207 on the bottom, if using the needle that’s included with your machine purchase.
  • Have questions? Call us at 1-800-932-8371 and a machinery expert will be happy to assist you.

Ideal for:
Plastic Coated Webbing
Synthetic Material
Pet Products

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