What is Veg Tan Leather

Why Veg Tan Leather is a staple in every shop [Beginner Friendly]

So, the creative juices are flowing and you're finally ready to dive into your first leather project, right?

Before you stock up on leathercrafting supplies , you deserve to know exactly what you need. There are certain myths about veg tan leather that we have to bust…today!

Veg-tanned leather (or vegetable-tanned leather) is a type of leather that is tanned using naturally occurring compounds, or tannins, from organic materials like tree bark and vegetable matter. It's the oldest and most traditional form of tanning, which is why veg-tanned leather is often considered a classic shop staple.

Even if you've completed a few leatherworking projects in your quest for creative fulfillment, there is always room to learn more and continue honing your craft.

Let's break it down.

Veg tan leather is a popular choice for beginners because of its impressive versatility.

It's also very durable, making veg tan leather perfect for any leathercrafting experience you dive into next. It's the ideal starting point for leathercrafters of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, veg tan leather is the perfect material to help you bring your project to life!

Veg tanning also gives veg-tanned leather that desirable “patina look” as it ages over time. That means veg-tanned leather will develop a unique appearance based on how often and under what circumstances it is used. The patina becomes part of the story behind each piece and makes this leather even more special with every use.

At first, working with veg-tanned leather may sound intimidating, but there are lots of great resources out there to help make your leatherworking project simpler and more enjoyable. Our robust inventory is full of accessible veg-tanned leather products, so you don't have to worry about getting lost in the sea of options constantly circulating on the market.

With the right education, resources, and products, veg-tanned leather will be your material of choice!

Chrome-tanned leather utilizes a specialized chemical process to tan the leather. Given that veg-tanned leather uses organic materials, you don't run into the problem of corrosion that you do with chrome-tanned leather.

The chromium salts used in chrome tanning stay in the material and can leech out over time, corroding iron, brass, steel, and aluminum on knives, watches, firearms, etc. While chrome-tanned leather is often considered to be cheaper to purchase and ideal for apparel, handbags, and other items, veg-tanned leather remains a cost-effective and metal-safe option for your projects!

Additionally, veg tanning offers more versatility when it comes to designs as this leather can be molded into whatever shape you want. It's also more durable and develops that unique patina we talked about earlier. Okay sure, it's got the durability and the versatility, but being able to express your creativity goes beyond those characteristics. What about the color options?

Let's be honest, veg-tanned leather doesn't quite have all of the vibrant raw color options you'll see with chrome-tanned leather, but that doesn't mean it can't be just as aesthetically pleasing when you dye it the perfect shade. Yes, you read that right—veg-tanned leather can be dyed!

Now, this is where veg tanning shines: it absorbs dye better than any other type of tanned leather. Keep in mind that veg tanned leather also comes in beautiful colors that are professionally dyed by the tannery to save you time if you prefer not to tackle the dyeing process yourself!

What's more, veg-tanned leather can retain the color for longer than chrome-tanned leather offering you a timeless piece to love for years on end. If you're even the slightest bit interested in dipping your toes in the veg-tanned water of the leathercrafting world, keep reading.

You're in for a treat!

Even if you consider yourself more of a leatherworking pro, these projects can apply to you too! After all, veg-tanned leatherwork is an ever-evolving craft that can always use a fresh spin.

  1. Wallet: A wallet is the perfect way to show off your skills working with veg-tanned leather! It's a simple starter project that looks stunning with the right colors and shapes.

  2. Belt: Making belts is a great way to practice working with veg tanned leather while still nurturing your creative flair with a large variety of design options. You can also experiment with different types of veg-tanned leather to find the perfect material for your project.

  3. Holster: Veg-tanned leather is the ideal material for making gun holsters. This provides a sturdy foundation that will last and be able to take any wear and tear you put it through!

Without a doubt, leatherworking is an art form that lets you express your ingenuity at every competency level. Veg-tanned leather provides an incredible canvas with its unique properties and legendary durability. When you're more comfortable with your crafting technique, add some simple yet bold designs and colors for an extra touch of personality.

Discover Veg Tan versatility

Veg Tan versatility

The Verdict: Veg Tanning Is The Affordable Way To Go

Veg tan leather is an awesome material to work with, no matter your level of experience! This is an affordable option that won't run your wallet dry. Plus, veg-tanned leather is more durable and has better dye absorbency than chrome-tanned leather.

From wallets to belts to holsters, veg tanning offers so many opportunities to show off your skills. With a veg tanned belly, you'll get a clean and tight skive that won't cost more than a tank of gas in a mid-size car. Impressive, right?

A quick word of warning though… stay away from the hairy leather—that kind of poor tannage isn't what you want…trust us!

Now that you're a know-it-all pro, don't hesitate to explore our veg tan leather and let your innovative side shine.

Where is your creative genius going to lead you next?