Hermann Oak® Veg-Tan Single Shoulders, Natural

Weaver Leather SupplySKU: 15-975-2/3

Weight: 2 to 3 oz.
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  • Tools and molds like a dream for details that seem to leap off the leather
  • With a tannage very similar to skirting leather, this leather is perfect for crafting items that may require oiling or dyeing
  • Also works great when left natural
  • Carves, tools and stamps beautifully
  • Molds well
  • For a custom look, simply oil and dye
  • Split precisely to the weight you need it


Grade: Tannery Run (TR)
Gauged: Evenly Throughout
Tanning Vegetable
Content: U.S. Cowhide
Available cut: Single Shoulder
Priced: Per Single Shoulder based on average square feet

Single Shoulder

Additional Details

Stretch your budget with this economical single shoulder that’s perfect for smaller projects or testing out new techniques. A tried-and-true favorite, this vegetable tanned leather is one of our team's top recommendations for stamping, tooling, carving and molding. Its hallmark natural color is gorgeous as is or you can add oil and dye to achieve any look you desire. This beautiful leather is tanned without any harsh chemicals by the team at Hermann Oak, a tannery with over a century of experience producing the finest leather.

Hermann Oak®

When you take a close look at this leather, you’ll notice a subtle open grain that helps you attain greater depth in your tooling, stamping and carving for details that will seem to leap off your finished work. This leather also molds like a dream and showcases a natural color that’s beautiful as is or can be dyed and oiled to achieve the look you desire. Veg tanned without any harsh chemicals, this leather comes from our friends at Hermann Oak®, a tannery that has over a century of experience producing the finest leather.

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