Veg Tanned V-Cut Double Shoulders

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  • Large, V-cut leather hide at a low price per square foot
  • Oils, dyes and stains beautifully for leather projects that turn heads
  • Tools, embosses, molds and forms well
  • 100% vegetable tanned with no harsh chemicals
  • V-cut remains where hump was removed from neck
  • Shoulders are from Brahman cattle and may have some neck wrinkles
  • Makes a great belt leather, holster leather, pouch leather and so much more!


Average Square Feet: 17-19
Approximate Width: 40"- 42"
Approximate Length: 58"- 62"
Grade: Tannery Run (TR)
Gauged: Evenly Throughout
Content: Imported Cowhide
Available Cut: Double Shoulder
Priced: Per double shoulder based on average square feet

Leather Cuts & Uses

Double Shoulder

  • Craft Items
  • Dog Collars
  • Holsters
  • Pouches
  • Sheaths
  • Belts
  • Longer Straps

Additional Details

Let your creativity soar with these well-priced double shoulders that can be left natural or dyed to a custom shade. Simply wet the leather to mold, tool and carve with ease and precision. This leather is very clean and has a smooth flesh side that ensures the inside of your project looks just as nice as the outside. These leather shoulders are sourced from Brahman cattle; a V-cut remains where the tanner removed the hump from the neck. For the same quality in a smaller size, be sure to check out our Veg Tanned Single Shoulders (11-1202SS).


Veg tanned the old-fashioned way using a tightly-controlled process that utilizes tree bark and other natural tannins, this leather won’t corrode metal, making it ideal for holsters and knife sheaths. On average, veg tanned hides undergo a one to three-month process that results in exceptional beauty and workability.

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We’re so confident in the leather we sell that we offer free returns on leather, excluding leather panels, pieces and belt blanks. If the leather we ship you isn’t exactly what you hoped for, we will cover the return shipping cost — no matter what the reason is. It’s our goal to provide you with the highest quality leather that will make the perfect canvas for your project.

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Veg Tanned V-Cut Double Shoulders

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  • V-Cut Double Shoulder
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