Hand Stamped Leather Santa Belt

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Showing 1 - 24 of 27 products
Fiebing's Pro Dye,  4 ozFiebing's Pro Dye,  4 oz
Fiebing's Pro Dye, 4 oz
Sale price$8.99
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#2200 Double Cap Rivets#2200 Double Cap Rivets
#2200 Double Cap Rivets
Sale priceFrom $6.25
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Wooden Strap CutterWooden Strap Cutter
Wooden Strap Cutter
Sale price$29.00
Marble Tooling SlabMarble Tooling Slab
Marble Tooling Slab
Sale priceFrom $19.50
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Master Tool Edge BevelerMaster Tool Edge Beveler
Master Tool Edge Beveler
Sale price$51.00
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Stitch GrooverStitch Groover
Stitch Groover
Sale price$34.00
Pattern Sheet, 24" x 45"
Pattern Sheet, 24" x 45"
Sale price$6.20
Deluxe 4P Snap & Rivet SetterDeluxe 4P Snap & Rivet Setter
12" x 8" Steel Square with Non-Slip Tape12" x 8" Steel Square with Non-Slip Tape
Leather Balm with Atom Wax Neutral, 4 oz.
German Made Revolving PunchGerman Made Revolving Punch
German Made Revolving Punch
Sale price$20.25
Master Tool Round Hole PunchMaster Tool Round Hole Punch
Master Tool Round Hole Punch
Sale priceFrom $44.00
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#4 Heavy-Duty Scratch Awl 3-1/2"#4 Heavy-Duty Scratch Awl 3-1/2"
Poly Cutting Board, 12" x 16"
Master Tool Oblong Leather PunchMaster Tool Oblong Leather Punch
Master Tool Oblong Leather Punch
Sale priceFrom $84.00
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Plastic Leather SlickerPlastic Leather Slicker
Plastic Leather Slicker
Sale price$33.75
Cushion Grip Snap Off Knife 6-1/4"Cushion Grip Snap Off Knife 6-1/4"
Rawhide MalletRawhide Mallet
Rawhide Mallet
Sale priceFrom $79.10
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Geometric Stamping Tool G526
Simple French Curve Template by Maker's Leather Supply
Woven Border Stamping Tool D2195, Leather Stamp
Left Geometric Stamping Tool, Scroll
#1300 Buckle Solid Brass, 2-1/2"