The Character Connection

Miriam Schlabach |

The entire Weaver Leather team participates in Lodestar Guidance, a monthly character-based training program. Developed by Weaver Leather’s previous president and current chairman of the board, Paul Weaver, Lodestar Guidance is based on 48 character principles that empower our team members to live and lead effectively.

We learn about principles like thoroughness, dependability, transparency, diligence, and initiative. We know that all sounds well and good, but what difference does it make to you, our valued customer?

Aside from hiring great people, Lodestar Guidance is the #1 reason you’ll sense you’re dealing with a special company from your very first interaction. We’ve found that happy employees who make decisions rooted in character give our customers the best experience time after time.

When a member of our sales team uses discernment (seeing and understanding people, things, and situations clearly and intelligently), he can recommend products without bias that are right for you. When an employee from accounts receivable practices integrity (uncompromising, consistent commitment to what is right), she will ensure all payments are processed correctly and promptly. When a research & development coordinator is driven by motivation (the inner power pushing one toward taking action, driven by desire, passion, and ambition), she is able to take an idea and transform it into a finished product.

The connection between the character of our employees and your experience as a customer are inexplicably linked. It’s why we place an emphasis on character training and commit as a company to invest in our employees.