Line 24 Snap Set Solid Brass(Pack of 10 Sets Complete), #WF-036-SB

Ohio Travel BagSKU: WF-036-SB

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Durable Fastener sets. Renowned for the self-piercing capabilities. DOT durables penetrate even the most rugged material without the need to pre-punch holes.

  • Line 24 Snap Set
  • Finish: Brass
  • Base Material: Solid Brass
  • Pack of 10 Complete Sets

Tools to Set Needed: T-164 Hand Tool and T-1631 Anvil

To purchase in larger quantities search the below item numbers, the set Includes:

  • 10413-SB, Line 24 Brass, Regular Durable Post, Solid Brass
  • 10370-SB, Line 24 Brass, Regular Durable Stud, Solid Brass
  • 10224-SB, Line 24 Brass, Regular Durable Socket, Solid Brass
  • 10127-SB, Line 24 Brass, Dot Durable Long Cap, Solid Brass

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