Weaver Gum Tragacanth

Size: 4 Ounce
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Elevate your leather edge finishing and produce professional quality burnished edges with our tried-and-tested gum tragacanth formula. You'll love how quickly and easily this leather burnishing gum transforms your leather project's edges to that smooth finish you admire on the finest leather goods. A little goes a long way! Just a small amount of gum trag paired with friction from rubbing will result in smooth, shiny, burnished edges that take your project to the next level.

*Important Shipping Information Below

  • Leather edge finishing is taken to the next level with this gum tragacanth that's a professional's secret to smooth leather edges
  • Quickly and easily smooths and burnishes leather edges
  • Designed to fill leather's rough fiber edges
  • Burnishes to produce rubbed edges
  • Great for use with our Plastic Leather Slicker or Exotic Wood Leather Slicker for beautiful leather burnishing
  • Do not use before applying edge paint as it may not adhere properly
  • Perishable (destroy if frozen)

Item cannot be shipped when temperature is below freezing.

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