Weaver 303 Sewing Machine, Complete Stand & Servo Motor

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If you're looking for a leather sewing machine that's affordable, easy to maintain and operate, and perfect for lighter weight leather projects, you'll want to check out the Weaver 303. This lockstitch sewing machine impresses our team with its precision stitching on leather, nylon and textile projects where you need to sew up to 1/4" thick material. Whether you're a beginner or a more advanced leatherworker who works on more detailed projects, you'll appreciate the speed reducer that gives you the freedom to select the right stitching speed for your skill level and project. This top selling, entry-level leather sewing machine boasts features like a hands-free knee lift, a convenient oil bath, reverse stitching, and lots of extras, making this economical machine a wonderful addition to your workshop.

Product Manual

  • Economical, light-duty lockstitch machine impresses our team with its precision stitching on leather, nylon and textile projects
  • Great for sewing bags and personal accessories
  • Speed Reducer allows you to choose the right stitching speed, making this machine perfect for beginners and those who do lots of detail work
  • No need to remember to oil 40+ oiling points with a convenient oil bath featuring minimum and maximum lines that make it easy to ensure your machine is always oiled properly
  • Handy knee lift for raising and lowering the presser foot hands-free
  • Sews up to 1/4" thickness
  • Will reverse stitch
  • Includes 1 lb. spool of white thread (size 92), thread nippers, needles, oil, extra bobbins and a sewing machine light

Capability: Light
Machine Type: Flat Bed
Max Stitch Length: 12 mm
Sewing Speed – SPM: 1,500
Bobbin Size: LG-26 mm
Throat Opening: 255 mm
Foot Lift: 10 mm
Max Alternating Foot Lift: 5 mm
Needle System: 135X16D (Leather) / 135X17R (Nylon)
Max Thread Size: 92
Max Needle Size: 140

Constructed for reliability and performance, these replacement parts offer the same high quality as the machine's original parts.

Pressure Foot


Feed Dog




Rotating Shuttle


Needle Plate




Bobbin Case


Roller Guide


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