Toluene-Free Barge Cement

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  • One of the best adhesives on the market, Barge Cement is now available in this toluene-free formula to reduce dangers associated with inhaling fumes
  • Easy-to-spread cement is waterproof, flexible and long lasting for reliable performance on leathercrafting projects and more
  • All purpose formula is perfect for use with a wide variety of materials including leather, rubber, wood, glass, cork, metal and much more
  • Water-based gum formulated with natural paste, resin, pigment, wax and silicon
  • Quart and Pint sizes have a brush attached to the cap for easy application


Dry Time: 10-15 minutes; Open Time: Up to 4 hours

What is dry time? After you have applied Barge Cement to both surfaces, dry time is how long you must leave the two surfaces separated to allow the solvent in the adhesive to evaporate. Please keep in mind that humidity may impact dry time. We recommend making sure that the materials are clean and dry before applying Barge Cement. Lightly sanding the materials to be bonded may also be beneficial, but make sure not to leave any dust behind.

What is open time? Open time is how long the pieces can be left out with adhesive on them before they must be put together and bonded. After the items are bonded together, it will take about 1-2 minutes for the adhesive to cure. If you find the open time exceeds 4 hours, Barge recommends applying heat to the adhesive with a hair dryer. This will help revive the adhesive after it has been left out too long and allow you to then successfully bond the materials together.

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Toluene-Free Barge Cement

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