Toko Pro Burnishing Gum, Clear

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  • Clear edge slicking and burnishing compound that’s nearly identical in comparison to Tokonole
  • Water-based gum formulated with natural paste, resin, pigment, wax and silicon
  • Permeates deep into leather for a smooth finish, while retaining the hide’s natural texture
  • Non-toxic and odor-free
  • Can be used on vegetable, chrome and combination tanned leathers
  • Can also be used to paste the flesh side of most leathers using a wood or glass slicker
  • Any desired finishes or pigments should be applied on top of Toko Pro since it is water-based


Toko Pro Burnishing Gum is a water-based alternative to gum tragacanth, and our team can attest that it works beautifully to achieve smooth, glossy edges. It can be used to slick the edges of most chrome tanned leather items and transforms leather's rough edges into smooth, glossy edges. It permeates deep into leather for long-lasting, smooth finish. The water-based gum is formulated with natural paste, resin, pigment, silicon and natural wax that forms a soft, durable surface that retains leather's natural texture.

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Toko Pro Burnishing Gum, 100 g
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Toko Pro Burnishing Gum, Clear

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