The Main Technique of Coloring Leather Book

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  • This invaluable book features 32 pages of information and photos regarding dyes, workspace, materials and The Main Technique of Coloring Leather Book’s unique technique for coloring leather
  • Covers what you need to know to properly prepare to color, create gradual shading, airbrush application, masking and special effects
  • Dye techniques shared in this book are for use on natural vegetable tanned leather
  • Includes a Compatibility Chart for Dyes and Finishes that offers a handy guide to the compatibility of dyes and finishes that are most commonly available
  • Makes a great companion to Peter's first book, Australian Leather Carving

Peter Main, a self-taught leather designer, artist and craftsman, is known for his delicate carving style, embossing and coloring techniques. With three and a half decades of experience, this Al Stohlman award winner has taught his craft to students worldwide and has created a series of books to share his unique techniques. In The Main Technique for Coloring Leather, Peter shares helpful how-to information that will have you coloring your leather projects like a pro.

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