Tenderlux Lambskin, 2 oz.

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Color: Camel
Size: Whole Hide
Weight: 2 oz.
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Lambskin is known for its soft, velvety texture that only gets better with age. This lightweight, supple leather is perfect for liners and small accessories.

  • Soft, pliable chrome tanned whole lamb hides
  • The buttery soft texture of lambskin sets it apart from other leathers
  • Lightweight and extremely supple
  • Provides exceptional warmth and softness
  • Perfect for liners and small accessories

Ideal for liners and small accessories.

Average square feet: 10.5'
Approximate width: 32"
Approximate length: 42"
Thickness/weight: 2 oz.
Grade: TR
Gauged: Evenly throughout
Content: Imported Lamb Skin
Cut: Whole hide
Priced: Per average SF

Lightweight lambskin is chrome tanned for maximum softness and consistent color and quality. The time involved and expense of veg tanned leathers led to the development of chrome tanning in the mid-1800s. Chrome tanning takes about one to three days in contrast to the one to three-month veg tanning process, making it a more economical choice. Today, about 80-90% of the world’s leather supply is chrome tanned and it is heralded for its stain and water resistance as well as its consistency in color.

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