Speedy Stitcher® Polyester Thread

SKU: 50000-94-30

  • Speedy Stitcher® thread for use with our 67-7199 Speedy Stitcher®
  • Waxed polyester twine is a four-filament, high tensile thread that's suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Compatible with needles and Speedy Stitcher® sewing awls
  • We recommend using the coarse thread with a #8 needle and the fine thread with a #4 straight needle
  • Versatile tan color
  • 30 yards

Size: 30 Yards
Style: Fine
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Speedy Stitcher® sewing awl thread is specially-designed for use with the Speedy Stitcher® (67-7199). This waxed polyester twine features a four-filament, high tensile design that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Works with needles (we recommend #8 for coarse option and #4 straight for fine option) and Speedy Stitcher® sewing awls. 30-yard skein.

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