Soft Veg-Tan Double Shoulder, 3 to 4 oz.

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If you're searching for the perfect combination of softness and a veg tannage, this is the double shoulder for you. Great for bags, pouches and a variety of craft items, this leather is softer than any of the other vegetable tanned leathers in our line. At an attractive price point, this double shoulder is sure to please.

  • When you want a soft, supple veg-tan leather perfect for a variety of projects, these double shoulders fit the bill
  • These natural double shoulders are considerably softer than our other vegetable tanned leathers, making them perfect where flexibility is paramount
  • More economical C grade may have some color variation and 12" or more waste or damage
  • Perfect for creating bags, pouches and a variety of craft items
  • Natural veg tan leather is easy to work with and finish for a professional, custom finished project

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Average square feet: 12.5'
Average Width: 27"
Average Length: 52"
Thickness/weight: 3 to 4 oz.
Grade: C
Gauged: Evenly throughout
Content: Imported steer hide
Cut: Double shoulder
Priced: Per double shoulder based on average square feet

Veg tanned the old-fashioned way using a tightly controlled process that utilizes tree bark and other natural tannins, this leather is prized for both its beauty and workability.

Ideal for bags, pouches and craft items.

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