Sheridan-Style Tap-Off Tracings by Jim Linnell

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  • Leathercrafting pattern pack by Jim Linnell features 35 different tracing patterns on 11 pages including designs for belts, wallets, spur straps and more
  • Many of the patterns in this packet were taken from tap-offs that have seen extensive use with some modified for a popular Sheridan-style look
  • Saddle makers made their own transfers, known as tap-offs, long before hobbyists had plastic templates for transferring the outline of their carving to the leather
  • Huge timesavers, tap-offs were born out of necessity by saddle makers who needed to mirror a stamping pattern for the skirts or fenders
  • After creating a pattern for one side, the saddle maker would cut it into the leather, flip it over onto the piece that needed to match, and tap off the pattern, leaving it slightly raised for easy stamping of a mirror copy
  • Generations of leather crafters have been using this method for any pattern they used a lot

Jim Linnell has spent the last 50 years developing his passion for the artistry of leather craft and has taught leather working skills to thousands of students from around the world. His leather art has been featured on magazine covers, catalog covers, in galleries and at countless shows. He has been honored with some of the most prestigious awards in the industry including the Al Stohlman Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Master Leather Artisan Award from The Academy of Western Artists. Today, Jim operates Elktracks Studio that's dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the leatherworking industry through leathercraft classes, interviews and the sharing of leather history.

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