Seeder Stamping Tool

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From beginners to professionals and everyone in between, these Seeder Stamping Tools deliver precise, detailed impressions for beautiful results every time. Quality forged steel design will take your leather carving and tooling projects to the next level. A perfect choice for Sheridan as well as other styles of carving.

  • From beginners to seasoned craftspeople, everyone will appreciate the affordability and the wide selection these tools offer
  • High detail, forged steel leathercrafting tools give you precise impressions that showcase your most intricate stamping projects
  • In a wide variety of designs for creating the most popular tooling patterns of today
  • In floral carving, seeder stamping tools are used to create the seed pod area of the flower
  • Also great for creating border designs, decorative patterns or background textures
  • Approximate Stamp Size: S630 (Small) - 2.6 mm (7/64") x 5.6 mm (7/32") S624 (Medium) - 3.5 mm (1/8") x 9.5 mm(3/8") S625 (Large) - 5.2 mm (7/32") x 13.4 mm (17/32")

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