Sao Paulo Double Shoulders, 3-4 oz.

SKU: 13204-33-70-00

Color: Black
Cut: Double Shoulder
Weight: 3 to 4 oz.
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With an extensive color palette that ensures you'll find something to strike your fancy and a modern matte finish, these double shoulders are sure to inspire project after project. The firmer temper on this leather stands up more structured bags and accessories. Mix or match all the colors Sao Paulo comes in and experience the beauty and quality for yourself.

  • In rich colors that look great together or on their own, these double shoulders boast a sophisticated matte finish that take your leather projects to the next level
  • Firm temper gives this leather plenty of body perfect for more structured bags and accessories
  • Beautiful natural flesh side ensures the inside of your project looks as great as the exterior
  • 100% veg tanned with no harsh chemicals
  • When you're searching for 3-4 oz. veg tanned leather that's suitable for accessories, these double shoulders are an excellent choice

Veg tanned the old-fashioned way using a tightly-controlled, one to three-month process that utilizes tree bark and other natural tannins, this leather is prized for both its beauty and workability.

Ideal for wallets, card holders, small bags and purses, watch bands, keychains, bracelets, clutches, earrings and small accessories.

Average square feet: 11'
Average Width: 25"-29"
Average Length: 55"-60"
Thickness/weight: 3 to 4 oz. Veg Tanned
Grade: Tannery Run (TR)
Gauged: Evenly throughout
Content: U.S. Cowhide
Cut: Double shoulders
Priced: Per double shoulder based on average square feet

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