Sample, Rawhide Leather, Weaver Select

SKU: S12-1310DS-BH

  • Firm, strong and durable, rawhide will stay in any shape you wet form it into.
  • Soak in water to make it soft and pliable for use in a variety of projects.
  • Available natural or bleached for a white color.

Color: Bleached, DS
Cut: Double Shoulder, 2/4 oz.
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Give your next project an authentic western look by adding rawhide accents. Used for centuries in both functional and decorative projects, rawhide is great for braiding, lacing and more. In its natural form it is strong and very hard to bend. You’ll need to wet it until it is soft and pliable enough to work with. When rawhide dries, it returns to its hard natural state retaining the shape you wet formed it into for years of beauty and performance.

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