Sample, Deerskin

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  • Buy leather in complete confidence by requesting a 3" x 3" sample.
  • A great way to test any dyes, stamping or other techniques you'd like to use on your project.
  • Leather is a natural product that varies in color and consistency so please keep in mind that the sample may vary slightly from the actual hide you purchase.

Color: Dark Brown
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Native Americans and American frontiersman alike prized deerskin for its amazing feel against the skin, making it the hide of choice for making clothing and moccasins that withstood the demands of their harsh environment. From high end purse designers to craftspeople searching for just the right liner, a wide range of artisans utilize deerskin in their work where buttery softness is of paramount importance. Our genuine deerskin is chrome tanned and comes in whole hides that offer beautiful color on both the grain and the flesh sides.

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