Saddle Master 360

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  • Convenient design features bars with attachment points for the tie down straps that make it easier to tighten down saddle
  • Versatile stand is a necessity for any saddlemaker
  • Perfect for use when crafting a new saddle, repairing old saddles or cleaning any saddle
  • Innovative design rotates 360 degrees, tips front to back, swivels to the right or left and adjusts 7" up and down for easy access to any saddle part
  • Ergonomic design allows you to bring saddle parts to you to save time and increase your comfort
  • Positioning levers ratchet the contoured saddle seat to just the right position
  • Easy up and down adjustment by pumping foot pedal; lift foot pedal to lock into desired position; depress foot pedal to lower stand
  • Contoured saddle seat features a neoprene cover that grips saddle to keep it securely positioned
  • Large round base offers added security

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  • Stand comes with two nylon tie down straps to keep saddles and saddle trees in place
  • Optional draw down strap and spreader bar sold separately

Saddle Master 360
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Saddle Master 360

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