Regional Styles Leather Carving Pattern by Jim Linnell

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  • Collection of leather carving patterns from a variety of different regions that formed the foundation of what is today known as Western Floral Carving
  • Includes the following styles to give you a great overview of each region's influence: Texas, Sheridan, Arizona, California, Northwest and more
  • Patterns for notebooks, card cases, coasters and more
  • A popular Roper's wallet pattern is included in each of the main styles
  • Collection of 15 patterns on 27 pages

Jim Linnell has spent the last 50 years developing his passion for the artistry of leather craft and has taught leather working skills to thousands of students from around the world. His leather art has been featured on magazine covers, catalog covers, in galleries and at countless shows. He has been honored with some of the most prestigious awards in the industry including the Al Stohlman Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Master Leather Artisan Award from The Academy of Western Artists. Today, Jim operates Elktracks Studio that's dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the leatherworking industry through leathercraft classes, interviews and the sharing of leather history.

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