Leather Remnants Project Pack

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  • Convenient kit features the basic materials and tools you'll need to create a bleed knot keychain, square ring link cuff, tassel key chain and a pair of feather earrings as demonstrated by Chuck Dorsett in the how-to videos below:
  • With enough leather remnants to make several of each project, you can make these beautiful leather pieces for yourself and your friends
  • Use the additional hardware and leather to make more key chains, earrings and cuffs, or use them on a future project designed by you

Items Included in Project Pack:
1/2 lb. leather remnant pieces (assorted colors and sizes, each pack will vary)
3/4 oz. Barge All Purpose Cement (50-2127)
Line 20 setter with nickel plated snaps (65-6277)
Art Knife (65-2866)
10 - Brass Plated 1" Loops (04950-BP-1)
2 - Solid Brass 5/8" Oval Eye Swivel Snaps (00228-SB-5/8)
6 - Brass Plated 1" Key Rings (06800-BP-1)
100 - Brass Plated Double Cap Rivets (02200-BP-1/4)
20 - Stainless Steel Jump rings
10 Pairs Stainless Steel Earring Wire
Scratch Awl (CSO4-2)
Mini Punch Set (67-7202)
Brass plated line 20 snaps (77-7120-BP)

Additional Items needed:
Hammer or mallet
Ruler or measuring tape

Optional Items (Used by Chuck in Video):
Cushion Grip Snap Off Knife (65-2860)
Poly Cutting Board (65-2916)
Quartz Tooling Slab (3238)
Steel Square, 12" x 8" (3608)
Economy Punch (CSO223)
Master Tools Round Strap End Punch, 1" (00076-1)
Angelus Brand® Acrylic Leather Paint, Gift Box Blue (50-1948-A6)
Small Paint Brush (50-1944)

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