Hermann Oak® Veg-Tan Belly Natural, 9 to 10 oz.

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  • Tools and molds like a dream for details that seem to leap off the leather
  • With a tannage very similar to skirting leather, this leather is perfect for crafting items that may require oiling or dyeing
  • Also works great when left natural
  • Carves, tools and stamps beautifully
  • Molds well
  • For a custom look, simply oil and dye
  • Split precisely to the weight you need it


Average square feet: 4-5
Grade: Tannery Run (TR)
Gauged: Evenly throughout
Tanning: Vegetable
Content: U.S. cowhide
Available cut: Belly
Priced: Per Belly based on average square feet

Leather Cuts & Uses

Leather Belly

Additional Details

Hermann Oak® Leather Co. was started by Lewis Charles Hermann in St. Louis, Missouri in 1881 to serve the local harness trade. Three more generations of Hermanns have followed in Lewis’s footsteps to bring the finest quality vegetable leathers to market. The tanning process has not changed much through the years. They still use the finest natural tree bark in their tanning liquors for richness and texture. And, each side is soaked in ground-vats and hand-worked for smooth, consistent and firm results.

Weaver Leather Supply

Hermann Oak® Veg-Tan Belly Natural, 9 to 10 oz.



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