04075 Floral Flank Buckle, 1-3/4"

Weaver Leather Supply  |  SKU: 04075-BS-13/4


  • Carefully designed to be both efficient and effective while in use, this buckle will give you a desired sophisticated look
  • Beautiful quality flank buckle that will suit a wide variety of needs
  • This quality flank buckle is the perfect choice for more expensive handmade saddles
  • Longer buckle design helps reduce bending the billet while buckling it and allows it to lay flat when buckled
  • Features a seamless roller that helps prevent damage to the back billets
  • Buckle tongues have a larger diameter to help stop tear-out during roping
  • The buckle body has more curve that ensures that the rear billets lay flatter and exert less pressure on the buckle tongue
  • Priced per piece
  • Size (1-3/4") denotes strap width buckle will accommodate

About Jeremiah Watt

As a custom saddlemaker with over 30 years of experience, Jeremiah Watt, the creator of Horse Shoe Brand Hardware, knows the difference quality hardware can make in the beauty and value of a variety of leather projects from saddlery to fashion.


Size: 1-3/4"

04075 Floral Flank Buckle, 1-3/4"
Weaver Leather Supply

04075 Floral Flank Buckle, 1-3/4"

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