Best Tools for Hand Stitching Leather

Hand Sew Leather with the Right Tools

Hand Sew Leather with the Right Tools

Learning to sew leather by hand is a vital skill in your leathercraft journey. When you hand sew leather using a technique like the saddle stitch, it adds a special handcrafted touch that elevates your leather projects. You'll find a neat stitch line instantly gives any project a professional, finished look. Here are the best tools to help you create a beautiful stitch line that holds up through years of use.

1. Leather Stitch Groover or Wing Divider

Stitch Groover

Create a stitch line with your choice of a leather stitch groover or a wing divider. While a wing divider makes it easy to mark a straight line to guide your stitching chisel, a leather stitch groover features a blade that cuts a uniform groove for your thread to rest in for more professional-looking leather projects. A neat groove line allows for recessed stitching that helps prevent snagging and catching of the thread. You'll also love how a stitch groove helps guide your stitching chisel for punching uniform holes for hand stitching leather.

2. Stitching Chisel Set

Stitching Chisel

Quality stitching chisels help you quickly and easily punch holes for hand stitching or lacing leather. A good quality set of chisels will be crafted from durably made steel, with smooth, even tines that punch easily through your leather.

3. Stitching Pony

An image of a Stitching Pony in use

Perfect for those times when you could use an extra hand, a sewing pony makes hand sewing leather a more enjoyable process. Simply secure it to your table or workbench, and the stitching pony keeps leather or fabric securely in place when stitching or lacing.

4. Leather Sewing Needles

Leather Sewing Needles

John James has been recognized by crafters around the world for the best quality needles since 1840. This is the brand we turn to for large, rounded, pointed leather sewing needles perfect for a wide range of hand stitching leather projects, craft work as well as harness and saddle repairs.

The main benefit of the John James Leather Sewing Needles is that they're larger and sturdier than your typical sewing needles, which is helpful for getting through thick layers of leather. The tips of the needles are rounded off, so you can push them through your leather without fear of jabbing your fingers.

5. Ritza Tiger Thread

Ritza Tiger Thread

Ritza Tiger Thread is renowned for its exceptional strength and durability. Perfect for hand stitching leather, this finely-braided 100% polyester, lightly waxed thread is a favorite of professional leathercrafters everywhere.

Ritza Tiger Thread is available in a wide range of colors and thicknesses, so you can match your thread perfectly to any project.

6. Hand Stitching Kit

Hand Stitching Kit

If you're looking to get your hand stitching leather skills off to a great start, our team recommends this Hand Stitching Kit. Featuring all the essentials including a leather stitch groover, a stitching chisel set, a stitching pony, leather sewing needles, and Ritza Tiger Thread, this amazing kit is great for getting started in leathercraft and developing your hand stitching skills.

Final Note

Pair this list of our top leatherworking tools for hand stitching with our article on How to Hand Sew Leather and you'll be ready to embark on leather projects that showcase your hand stitching skills.

Best Tools for Hand Stitching Leather