Making a Leather Plant Hanger

Miriam Schlabach |

In this post, we’ll be showing you how to make a leather plant hanger using just a few simple tools and materials.

What you will need:

Plant with pot – we used a fake plant in this tutorial but you can use real if you’ve got a green thumb! Clearly, we do not! 🙂

Leather of your choice, we recommend 4/5 oz. or heavier.
Leather we used
Strap Cutter
1/4″ double cap rivets
Rivet Setter
Maul or Mallet
Hole Punch, 5/16″ and 3/32″
Brass Ring

Step 1:
Measure your plant pot using a ruler or string starting at one edge and going underneath the pot to the opposite edge.

Step 2:
Using the wooden strap cutter, cut two straps measuring 3/4″ wide and trim to the length you measured on your pot (ours is 11″). Cut two straps 5/16″ wide x 32″ long. You can make these longer or shorter based on how low you want your pot to hang.

Step 3:

Clip or round the corners of the 3/4″ straps if desired using a knife or round strap end punch. The straps can also be left as is.
Using the 5/16″ punch, punch a hole at each end of the 3/4″ straps.
*Pro-tip: if you want your plant hanger to have more of a polished look vs. rustic, use some water and a canvas cloth to slick the edges.

Step 4:
Using the 3/32″ punch, punch a hole in the center of each of the 3/4″ straps. These will be the rivet holes.

Step 5:
Criss-cross the two 3/4″ straps at a right angle and set using a double cap rivet and rivet setter.

Step 6:
Thread one end of one of the 5/16″ pieces of lace through one of the holes on the 3/4″ strap and tie a knot on the outside (smooth side of the leather). Tie the other end on the opposite end of the same strap. Repeat with the other piece of lace.

Step 7:
Slide a brass ring over the top of the laces to keep the lace together. This will help keep the laces together when hanging.
Slide the leather holder under your pot, and it’s ready to hang up!

This works for a variety of sizes and shapes of pots!

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