Conditioning Your Skin: 4 Reasons Why It’s Vital

Weaver Leather Supply |

  • Conditioning can reduce the appearance of other blemishes.

Keeping skin clean and moisturized is one of the best methods to help with healing, diminishing, and covering your scars. Just as human skin has scars and blemishes; the same applies to leather which is cow skin. The moisture that the leather receives when being conditioned reduces the appearance of the blemish slightly by adding moisture and creating a smoother finish.

  • Conditioning fights wrinkles.

Just as human skin can form wrinkles with age so can leather. Well-conditioned leather will stay smoother and softer for a longer period of time lengthening the life of the leather product.

  • Conditioning boosts elasticity.

Leather is slightly flexible and able to bend without breaking due to the thousands of tiny fibers that crisscross each other forming a cohesive bond with one another. As leather is exposed to the elements and heat, these fibers slowly dry out and lose their suppleness causing cracks at the points where the leather flexes the most. Leather conditioner is designed to sink into the leather and infuse the fibers with moisture ensuring that your leather lasts a longer period of time.

  • Conditioning leather locks moisture out.

Water can actually draw moisture out of leather leaving it dry and more prone to cracking over time. However, water will not damage your leather if you properly condition before it completely dries out. Most conditioners that you can buy will be oil-based and will lock oil into the leather while creating a water-resistant coating that keeps water out.