Water Buffalo Leather, 4-5 oz.

SKU: 09-1019S-B5

  • Matte, antiqued top grain with a slight pull-up effect.
  • Flesh side looks and feels like suede.
  • Chrome tanned water buffalo leather side offers a good yield at a great value.

Color: Crazy Horse Brown
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With its superbly executed distressing and a supple, broken-in feel, it’s hard to believe this leather isn’t a prized antique. A carefully chosen oil content gives this hide the perfect firmness for bags and offers a slight pull-up effect that looks even better in person. The flesh side looks and feels like suede so that your project exudes excellence from the inside out. Not to mention, we love that this leather yields professional, one-of-a-kind projects without breaking the bank.

Average square feet: 14-16
Thickness: 4 to 5 oz.
Approximate width: 25"-32"
Approximate length: 55"-65"
Grade: Tannery Run (TR)
Gauged: Evenly throughout
Content: Imported water buffalo hide
Available cut: Side
Priced: Per side based on average square feet

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