Utility Grade Black Heavy Harness Leather, 10/12 oz., Weaver Select

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When you want your finished project to have a well-aged patina that’s full of character, a utility grade is the perfect choice. With the same tannage as our Black Drum Dyed Harness Leather, Weaver Select (01-100S, 01-100B), this leather has a few more defects and scratches that make it perfect for anything you want to start out looking broken-in and well-loved. Originally tanned specifically with harnesses in mind, this leather is infused with oils, waxes and tallows for the ultimate in weather resistance. This is one of those leathers that will just about last forever with proper care and maintenance. Please be aware that the oil Content makes this leather unsuitable for molding or stamping.

  • Stuffed with oils, waxes and tallows for a smooth finish on both the grain and flesh side
  • Exceptional weather resistance
  • Firm leather with great yield
  • Mellow, broken-in feel
  • 100% veg tanned with no harsh chemicals

Drum dying gives this leather its beautiful, deep color. The tanner immerses the leather in dye before tumbling it in a drum to maximize dye penetration. In addition, this leather is veg tanned the old-fashioned way using a tightly-controlled, one to three-month process that utilizes tree bark and other natural tannins for leather that is prized for both its beauty and workability.

Average square feet : 22-25
Approximate width : 30"-36"
Approximate length : 85"-100"
Grade : Utility
Gauged : Evenly throughout
Content : U.S. cowhide
Available cut : Side
Priced : Per side based on Average square feet

Ideal for anything exposed to the elements including pet products, tack, saddlery, gun belts, firefighter gear, harnesses, harness parts and driving lines

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