Russet Hot Stuffed Harness Leather, Weaver Select

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When you need something heavyweight, this hot stuffed leather fits the bill and comes skived to a wide variety of weights to meet your needs. The hot stuffing process ensures this leather will look and perform well for years as the oils and waxes from the core of the leather rise to the surface keeping it supple and conditioned.

  • Hot stuffed so tallows and waxes permeate to the leather’s core, producing an exceptional feel and weather resistance
  • Well set out to help reduce neck wrinkles and minimize waste
  • 100% veg tanned with no harsh chemicals

Hot stuffing is a process that dates back hundreds of years. The tanner utilizes heat to stuff the leather with a blend of natural waxes and tallows. This impregnates the leather to the core ensuring a supple, weather-resistant finish that’s prized by many leather artisans. Hot stuffed leathers may bloom, or develop a cloudy, hazy look as the oils come to the surface. This bloom can be easily buffed away or will wear away as the item created from this leather is used.

Average square feet 21-24
Approximate width 30"-36"
Approximate length 85"-100"
Grade Tannery Run (TR)
Gauged In neck (except leveled hides are gauged evenly throughout)
Content U.S. cowhide
Available cut Side
Priced Per side based on average square feet

Ideal for gun and carry belts, dog collars, reins, headstalls, harnesses and other projects where you want a heavier weight leather

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