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Hand stitch your leather crafts with this kit featuring high quality supplies for professional results you can count on project after project. Finely-braided, lightly-waxed, 100% polyester Ritza Tiger Thread is the choice of professional leatherworkers with the perfect combination of strength and durability. With a 2-pack of the finest hand-sewing needles from John James, a quality Sitch Groover tool for precisely creating stitch grooves, a 4-piece Flat Chisel Set for easily punching holes, and a durable wood Stitching Pony to keep your project securely in place, all your hand sewing projects will benefit from the premium supplies in this kit.

  • Hand stitching kit features the essentials you need including Ritza Tiger Thread, John James Saddler's Harness Needles, a Stitch Groover, a Flat Chisel Set and a Stitching Pony.
  • You'll receive three 50 meter spools of 0.8 mm Ritza Tiger Thread in our most popular colors of beige, black and white.
  • Includes 2 of the 18 (1/0) John James Saddler's Needles that feature large, rounded points perfect for a wide variety of hand stitching projects.
  • Stitch Groover helps you create stitch grooves with ease and confidence
  • The 4-piece 1/8" Flat Chisel Set includes one prong, two prong, four prong and six prong tools for easily punching holes for hand stitching and lacing
  • Stitching Pony keeps leather or fabric securely in place when you're hand stitching or lacing a project

Kit includes:

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