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Beginner's Leathercrafting



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  • Express your creativity through the art of leathercraft with this convenient kit featuring the basics you need to get started
  • Start your leathercrafting tool collection out right with this great selection of tools including a stitch groover, scratch awl, art knife and diamond stitching chisel set
  • Includes a stitching pony that keeps your leather or fabric securely in place when stitching or lacing
  • Includes a 0.8 mm, 50 meter spool of Ritza Tiger Thread, a professional's favorite, 100% polyester thread that's lightly waxed and perfect for hand sewing
  • Two John James Hand Stitching Needles are included that are perfect for a wide range of hand stitching projects


This beginner's kit is the perfect way to get started in the art of leathercraft. With a great selection of quality tools, a stitching pony, a 50 meter spool of Ritza Tiger Thread, and two John James Hand Sewing Needles, this kit gives you basics that will serve you well as you get started and as you develop your skill level.


Kit includes:

  • Stitching Pony (65-2949)
  • Stitch Groover (8069)
  • Scratch Awl (CSO4-2)
  • Art Knife (65-2866)
  • 5 mm Diamond Stitching Chisel Set (67-7252)
  • Steel Square (65-3039)
  • .08 mm, 50 Meter Roll Black Ritza Tiger Thread (77-7300)
  • (2) John James Hand Stitching Needles (L3912-18)