Sample, Casa Blanca Pull-Up Double Shoulders, 3-4 oz.

SKU: S13203-33-70-01

  • Buy leather in complete confidence by requesting a 3" x 3" sample.
  • A great way to test any dyes, stamping or other techniques you'd like to use on your project.
  • Leather is a natural product that varies in color and consistency so please keep in mind that the sample may vary slightly from the actual hide you purchase.

Color: Brown
Cut: Double Shoulder
Weight: 3/4 oz.
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Limit 1 per order.

With a slightly distressed patina, a beautiful pull-up effect and a sophisticated matte finish, these double shoulders are sure to provide plenty of inspiration for bag and accessory projects that will turn heads. A softer hand provides a well-loved feel from the start and the color palette this leather comes in offers something for everyone.

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