Renia Aquilim SG Adhesive

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  • Water-based peel-and-stick PVA adhesive creates a non-permanent bond perfect for holding pieces together long enough to sew them
  • Pressure-sensitive, synthetic rubber solution perfect for bonding leather, rubber, felt, fabric and similar materials
  • This adhesive never cures completely so opening the bond remains possible indefinitely, making it perfect for materials that need held in place for sewing, shoe uppers, and foam pads that need to be removed or moved around later
  • Free of solvents

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Perfect for temporarily holding pieces of leather, rubber, felt, fabric and other materials together prior to stitching, this water-based adhesive never cures completely giving you the freedom to peel and reposition as necessary. To apply, clean and sand the surfaces to be joined if necessary. Apply Aquilim SG to both sides or just the more absorbent side. Let dry or dry with heat until transparent (1-5 minutes). Join parts and the materials can be sewn immediately.

Item cannot be shipped when temperature is below freezing.

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