Leather Tassels Project Pack

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  • Convenient kit features the basic materials and tools for creating leather tassels as demonstrated by Chuck Dorsett in the how-to video HERE
  • Transform your tassels into key fobs with the included snaps and key rings
  • Let your creativity loose - tassels make great additions to jackets, clothing, bags, accessories and more

Items Included in Project Pack:
1/2 lb. Assorted Leather Remnants (75-4916)
Barge All Purpose Cement, 3/4 oz. (50-2127)
Art Knife (65-2866)
4 Solid Brass Snaps, 3/8" (00228-SB-3/8)
4 Brass Plated Key Rings, 1" (06800-BP-1)
Steel Square with Non-Slip Tape (3608)

Additional Items Needed:
Thread (50-1554)
Wax Paper or Tracing Film (3500)
Cutting Board (65-2916)

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