Holster System Patterns by Will Ghormley

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  • Features the revolutionary PIVO7 holster system that pivots on belt-mounted bases
  • Includes holster patterns for seven popular handguns: Glock®, Colt® 1911 and 1911 with rail, Beretta® M92, Browning® P35, Springfield Armory® XD®, and Smith & Wesson® M&P®
  • Also includes three carving patterns: classic western floral, skulls and flowers, and Russian tapestry
  • Holsters pivot to be worn FBI-style, strong side or cross draw
  • When made in an ambidextrous model, it can also be worn SOB (small of back)
  • Holsters can be built right-handed, left-handed or ambidextrous and will attach to the same belt-mounted bases without modification
  • Belt-mounted base can be built to attach to belt with belt clips or with belt loops
  • Bonus mag pouch patterns included

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