CHAHINLEATHER® English Bridle Leather, Belly, 12/13 oz.

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Color: Brown

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Weaver Leather Supply is proud to distribute leather sourced from CHAHINLEATHER®, a certified supplier and silver member of the Leather Working Group/LWG. This world-class tannery has been certified against LWG's stringent Audit Standards and is committed to supporting responsible leather manufacturing across the globe.


  • High quality English bridle leather tanned by Chahin Tannery using U.S. hides
  • Drum dyed for true dye penetration
  • Strong, waxy and weather resistant with the right amount of greases and tallows
  • 100% veg tanned with no harsh chemicals
  • Not to be confused with English bridle leather that is tanned and curried in England
  • Best for small projects where you want a heavier weight leather


Average square feet: 5
Approximate width: 10”
Approximate length: 72”
Grade Tannery Run (TR)
Gauged: Evenly throughout
Content: Cow hide
Available cut: Belly
Priced: Per Belly based on average square feet

Leather Cuts & Uses

Leather Belly

Additional Details

For a great quality leather that won’t break the bank, look no farther than these English bridle leather bellies. Slowly veg tanned, stuffed with just the right amount of waxes, greases and tallows and drum dyed for depth of color, this leather elevates any project. It has a slight sheen, but feel free to add a top coat for an even richer, high shine finish. This leather will take a stamp, but it will not mold due to the oil content. These bellies are perfect for pet products and other small projects where you want a heavier weight leather.


Drum dying gives this leather beautiful, deep color. The tanner immerses the leather in dye before tumbling it in a drum to maximize dye penetration. In addition, this leather is veg tanned the old-fashioned way using a tightly-controlled, one to three-month process that utilizes tree bark and other natural tannins for leather that is prized for both its beauty and workability.

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CHAHINLEATHER® English Bridle Leather, Belly, 12/13 oz.




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