Leather You Can Trust

Miriam Schlabach |

Did You Know?
We have 900,000 square feet of leather, on average, in stock. That’s enough to cover 20.6 acres. To put it in perspective, the home of the Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island, could be covered almost twice with all that leather.

We know first-hand the role the quality of your leather can play in the success of your project. That’s why our team is dedicated to bringing you quality leather from the best tanneries in the world including renowned veg tanners like Hermann Oak® Leather Co. and Chahin Tannery. We have cultivated close relationships with our tanneries to offer you high-performing leather at a great value.


  1. Our tanneries stand behind their products like we do. This gives you peace of mind and security in knowing you are taken care of if there ever is an issue.
  2. We grade it right and sell a true tannery run grade. The leather shipments we receive from our tanneries generally consist of 25% A grade, 50% B grade and 25% C grade. This is known as a standard TR or tannery run selection. As a manufacturer, we use many of the lower grade hides in-house because low grade does not mean low quality. They have the same quality as higher grades, but because of surface defects need more attention to cutting to obtain an acceptable yield. With our large variety of manufactured products and cutting expertise, we are able to utilize these hides effectively in our own shop.
  3. We inventory the leather on our website and ship most orders within 24 hours. You can count on us to deliver the leather you need when you need it.
  4. Over 80 years of combined knowledge from our experts. From working with tanneries to leather cutting, manufacturing, picking, and shipping leather to our customers, we have experts in every area so you can be assured we can answer your questions.

The entire Weaver Leather team is committed to exceeding your expectations and bringing you the best leather for all your projects.