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Barge has been a trusted adhesive supplier for over 70 years. Known for unparalleled strength and flexibility, this leather adhesive offers an exceptional bond with just one coat. A consistent top seller, this all purpose leather cement offers reliable bonding that has earned a loyal following for leather crafting, shoe repair, saddle making, and all types of leather works. Barge is committed to offering domestically made products that provide the best bond, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on your projects' craftsmanship.

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  • Once you try this contact cement, you'll see why it's considered one of the best glues for leather on the market
  • Industrial use, all purpose leather adhesive provides a strong bond with just one coat
  • Easy-to-spread, non-smearing, waterproof formula is flexible and long lasting
  • Holds securely, even with without stitching or nails
  • Saddle and shoe folks swear by Barge Cement's exceptional bond and fast drying time
  • Time-tested formula is one of our highest rated leather adhesives
  • Formulated for use on leather, but also works great on rubber, wood, glass, cork and more

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