Expert Product Recommendations for Beginners

As you embark on your leathercrafting journey, it's important to start with leather, tools, and other supplies that offer the right combination of quality and affordability. You'll want products that provide a level of quality that is conducive to successful, enjoyable projects while also maintaining a budget-friendly price point. Here is a list of favorites perfect for beginners courtesy of our in-house leathercraft experts.

1. The Right Leather at the Right Price

Veg Tanned Single Shoulder (11-1202SS)

Veg Tanned Strap Belly (15-948, 15-949, 15-950)

Hermann Oak® Veg Tan Belly (15-974-9/10)

3. 1st Tier Must-Have Leather Tools

You'll need these for every project from beginner to advanced! They are the items we recommend you start with!

Steel Square (65-3039)

A leather knife like our Cushion Grip Snap Off Knife (65-2860)

A cutting surface like our Silent Poundo Board (3461); plywood is another cost-effective option that will work and you may already have in your garage or workshop.

4. 2nd Tier Nice-To-Have Leather Tools

When you're ready to add to your leathercrafting supplies and take on intermediate projects, these are a few of our experts' favorites!

Marble Tooling Slab (65800)

German-Made Revolving Punch (65-6235)

Rawhide Mallet (65-2520-11) or Polyhead Mallet (65-2521)

Poly Cutting Board (65-2916)

#2200 Double Cap Rivet & Insta-Rivet Setter (65-6276)

Leather Slickers (65-2961 Wood; 65-2962 Plastic)

5. Convenient Kits

Start your tool collection off right with one of these handy kits with carefully-curated products selected by our experts.

Beginner’s Leathercrafting Tool Kit (12531-00)

Leathercrafting Tool Kit 2.0 (12539-00)

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