Leather Sides, Assorted Colors, 3-4 oz.

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  • If you're looking for a leather that's totally unique, try these assorted chrome tanned sides!
  • Great for leathercrafters who love surprises, these hides are chosen at random from an assortment of colors and finishes
  • Perfect for creating anything from backpacks and purses to wallets and small accessories


Average square feet: 14-16
Approximate width: 25”-32”
Approximate length: 55”-65”
Grade Tannery Run (TR)
Gauged: Evenly throughout
Content: Cow hide
Available cut: Side
Priced: Per Side based on average square feet

Leather Cuts & Uses

Leather side

Additional Details

Make your next project totally unique with these assorted Leather cowhides. These 3/4 oz. chrome tanned sides have just the right amount of body for backpacks, purses and other small accessories. The hides are randomly chosen from an assortment of colors and finishes that are sure to inspire your creativity!


The time involved and expense of veg tanned leathers led to the development of chrome tanning in the mid-1800s. Chrome tanning takes about a day in contrast to the one to three-month veg tanning process, making it a more economical choice. Today, about 80-90% of the world’s leather supply is chrome tanned and it is heralded for its stain and water resistance as well as its consistency in color.

Weaver Leather Supply

Leather Sides, Assorted Colors, 3-4 oz.

$50.00 $75.00


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