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Snap Fasteners

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#2207 Locking Snap


10-Pack of #2207 Locking Snaps


4P Line 24 Durable Snap

#2205 Segma Snaps

#2206 Snaps, Line 20

#15S4 Loop Staples

10-Pack of #2205 Segma Snaps

10-Pack of #2206 Snaps

10-Pack of 4P Durable Snaps

Loxx® Fastener Complete Set

Loxx® Small Key


#02208 4P Line 24 Durable Snap

Skull Line 24 Snap

Celtic Knot Line 24 Snap

Buffalo Nickel Line 24 Snap

Peace Sign Line 24 Snap

Floral Line 24 Snap